Move or Die Xbox360

Move or Die is a party game for up to four players by Those Awesome Guys (that’s their name – really!). In it, you and up to three other crazily-coloured friends jump around, passing bombs, stomping on each other and playing a variety of game modes. And we mean a variety – your characters might stay the same, but the game’s rules change every 20 seconds!

The platforming physics in the game as cartoony as the game itself looks. You slip and slide around, and your friends will be doing the same. Whether you’re playing as a pillow or a top hat with arms and legs, you’ll be on roughly equal footing, although there are differences, in character size if nothing else.

Beyond characters, there’s a variety of game modes, too. If you’re so inclined, you can make some yourself. Although every mode is conceptually simple, there’s a lot to learn when you’ll be playing a different one every 20 seconds!

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