Gran Turismo Sport Xbox360

The game and rendering engines from the original Gran Turismo have evolved to another level, one that will allow the user to “feel the rich lighting” of the graphics. If you study the car modeling carefully, you’ll notice that Gran Turismo’s quality goes so far as to measure the brightness of the car’s lights. We’ve also analyzed the paint layer structure with samples of real body paint to get the right hues, and even recreate the stitching of the fabric in the seats, all in order to reproduce the true character of a car.

Huge strides have also been made in landscape expressions. See each and every leaf on a tree as it sways in the wind. Weather, time, and the age of the tree are considered when reproducing it in the game, right down to its bark. Even the asphalt possesses unique characters, regarding its size, grain and distribution of the asphalt surface. Thanks to advanced data capturing and the perceptional talents of the artists, Gran Turismo approaches landscape reproduction from every aspect.

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