Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Xbox360

“Someone else’s game being a rebuilt/remastered/enhanced game over something previously offered by a different publisher,” he continued. “Nordic bought entire rights past-future from a defunct publisher. This is a very different situation.”

Clearly not everyone is happy about it, especially in light of the precedent set by Darksiders Warmastered or BioShock: The Collection, which was offered to owners of the originals as a straight-up freebie. And personally, I think 50 bucks is pretty steep for a re-release of a five-year-old game. But it’s also awfully presumptive to expect studios to remake games and then give them away for nothing (or next to it), especially without knowing the full circumstances behind the decision. Presumably 2K can afford to take a victory lap with a BioShock re-release; People Can Fly may not have that luxury.

It’s possible that minds will change between now and the launch day, which is more than four months away, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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