Grow Up PS3

Your goal is to help Bud reach the moon by growing plants, catapulting yourself into the air, and so on. It’s slated for release this August on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference is tomorrow, and we’re sure to see more from Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2, and several other games. However, according to a listing on the European PEGI ratings board, those high-profile properties might be joined by another game called “Grow Up.”

As first reported by Gematsu, the game showed up on the PEGI board for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Interestingly, the release date it shows is tomorrow–June 13, 2016. This suggests that Ubisoft might be preparing to either announce and launch the game on the same day, or at least announce it tomorrow. The PEGI listing gives no other details about the game and actually lists its genre as “other.”

My guess, based on nothing but speculation, is that this game might be related to Grow Home, a 3D platformer that came out in 2015. Both have similar titles, and Grow Up would be a similar play on words to Grow Home if it were related. But that’s about all that there is to go on.

We’ll have to wait to the Ubisoft press conference tomorrow at 1 PM PT to see if Grow Up is real. Although we don’t know much about the mysterious title, we do know that, in addition to Wildlands and Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft will announce a new IP during E3. We’ll also get some new information about For Honor, the melee-based action game that was announced at E3 last year, which got a teaser earlier this week. Keep an eye on GameSpot for all news about Ubisoft coming out of E3 this week, and check back here to watch the press conference tomorrow!

Update: Grow Up is indeed a follow-up to Grow Home, Ubisoft confirmed during its E3 press conference today. It sees the return of the red robot from the first game, Bud, who appears to have new ways of navigating the world.

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