Dragon Quest 11 PS3

However, the real stand out aspect to the release news surrounding Dragon Quest XI is that the Switch version is nowhere to be found.

To be fair, the Switch version was announced a good while after the first reveal and it’s likely that the game is not in a state to be shown just yet.

The issue here though is that the Switch badly needs a game like Dragon Quest XI to keep its momentum going in Japan. Therefore having the release delayed on the system is likely to have several knock on effects.

This is because the Dragon Quest games sell millions of copies in Japan. This in turn gives a big boost to the platforms the games are released on, so the delay on the Switch could have long-term impact.

Admittedly, the Switch will be getting a version of Dragon Quest X this year but that’s already been ported to the Wii U and PS4 since its initial release on the Wii back in 2012. So it’s hardly a new game to help keep the Switch’s sales momentum after its solid launch.

Regardless of all this, we still have a new Dragon Quest game to look forward to, now if only we knew when it was coming Westward.

Dragon Quest XI is released for PS4 and 3DS on July 29 in Japan. There is no news currently on when the Nintendo Switch version will be released or when the game will get its Western release.

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