Chaos Chronicles PC

Over 200 years ago the flourishing kingdoms of elves, dwarves and mankind were consumed by chaos. Undead hordes lead by archwizards of the dark arts overran the land. Only few were able to escape. The survivors build their new homes on small, secluded islands off shore. A few years ago the Order of the Holy Flame sent its knights to lead an expedition to the mainland. Even though the old cities lie in ruins and orcs, goblins and other creatures of evil roam the land there seems to be hope for a return to the land of their ancestors.

Chaos Chronicles combines the traditional turn-based role-playing games with a state-of-the-art graphic engine and a dense atmosphere. The game uses a turn-based fighting system (hexgrid!) that will put a smile on the face of every fan of traditional RPGs, yet with modern internet play, up to five players can join forces to play through the complete campaign. With its lush graphics designed using an old-school aesthetic, Chaos Chronicles combines a lavish look with the dense atmosphere of the Dungeon Crawlers of old.

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