Attack on Titan PC

Attack on Titan is a series of popular manga and anime that gave birth a few steps from major live-action movies and some games still terrible. Well, it seems that Tecmo Koei’s in-house team Omega Force managed to snatch the impossible; their attack on Titan game finally gets it right.

Omega Force normally manage games Dynasty Warriors and while these may divide opinion, it is interesting to see the handle of the team something of this action oriented with more custom game mechanics.

The main game follows the story of the anime closely, for the most part where you get to play as Eren, Mikasa, Armin and positively surprising Levi. In freeplay, you can also play a variety of other characters too. The game engine and following graphs all look very true to the anime and that may or may not be your kind of thing.

This is because the anime goes, Attack on Titan is very stylized. This obviously comes from the host manga by Hajime Isayama but is still visually very specific. So if you know the game so well this anime is aesthetically amazing, but it might sound a little strange if you are not familiar with what he is trying to imitate.

The big jump this game is in a functional sense is the way it manages the three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.

In the series, people live behind huge fortified towns to protect themselves from being eaten by giants. However, when the Giants managed to break through the defenses of the Body Survey have the unenviable task to get them out.

Three Dimensional Maneuver speed is how they conquer the height difference and allows them to attack only real weak point of a giant, the back of his neck.

The result is that you have what can only be described as steam powered giant spider attacking with swords. Although they are not superheroes, so when they err results are both fatal and very messy.

So far, this feature speeds Three Dimensional Maneuver escaped a game adaptation for Attack on Titan. To be fair, this is because it is actually a difficult problem and most publishers these days are wary of deviating from the functionally standardized norm.

Omega Force has done the smart thing here though and apparently tested on basic mechanics in various prototypes carefully beforehand and it shows.

The reason why they got right way is that they linked seamlessly the two types of movement with the gear. The first is the navigation of the environment, which grabs you attach to nearby objects and throw you in the air. With a little practice and some extra incentive, you can fly around the environments of the game very well.

The second point is when you hang a giant. You select giant when in range, then attach a grappling hook accordingly. At this point, you can start to turn around whatever the fixed points that you have attached to (these being neck, arms and legs). As long as you hold left or right, you orbit around your target, but when you let go, you zoom to kill him and use your swords. Timing is key and if there is a nice degree of skill to come into successes.

The ability to target the arms and legs is also useful because it can stop either giants to enter and try to eat you, or to prevent them from running. Later, some giants also have their severed arm to release the neck to the attack. You also have resources that can be gathered by attacking some members that show a yellow icon, although more of that later.

The merger of the two types of motion and fluid controls makes this attack very satisfying game on Titan only on a mechanical level.

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