Dex Macintosh

The Story is set in Harbor Prime a City controlled by a mysterious secret Organisation Complex. Complex has ties to Politicians and Corporations that supply the City with Goods and controls Media. Only few Hackers resist to the Complex.

The Story follows a common Citizen named Dex. She is awakened one Night by a Hacker known as Raycast who warns her that Henchmen of Complex are after her and tells her to get to Fixer’s Hope where a Friend of his help her. Dex manages to escape and get to Fixer’s Hope where she meets Decker. They have to flee soon as Complex finds them and they hide at Tony. They are contacted by Raycast again and he reveals that Dex is an Avatar of Kether, an AI that was Created by Comlex but got out of control. It means that Dex has extraordinary Skills in Hacking which could took Complex down. Decker and Tony help Dex to get better in Hacking but Dex has to get augmented by Dr Niles to reach another Level.

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