1. Broken Age: Act 2

Broken Age Act 2 Linux

Broken Age: Act 2 is a smart, fun, challenging cap to Double Fine’s Kickstarted adventure. Still just as gorgeous and well-written, Act 2 is nearly twice as long as its predecessor. It ups the ante with surprising new characters, intriguing story reveals, and some really ingenious puzzles for the most part.


2. Energy Hook

Energy Hook Linux

Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-style game by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Man 2 game. In this action game based on a futuristic sport, you use an energy hook — a tractor-beam device normally used in construction re-purposed by young athletes out for a thrill — to make the remains of the world your own extreme underground playground.


3. Dex

Dex Linux

Dex is an indie video game developed and published by Dreadlocks Ltd. It is an Open world side-scrolling action role-playing game set in a cyberpunk world. The game was released in 2015 and was funded on Kickstarter.